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Theresa F Koch M.S.

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Theresa's Books


Please enjoy writings from my heart and Soul~Theresa



Story of a Spirit Investigator: An Autobiography The True Life Story of Theresa F Koch M.S. in Parapsychic Science

Product Description
"Hidden within this book is a life, my life I will share my experiences with all who want to hear of it. The good and the bad this is what has formed who I am at this very second in existence in this stage of me on my path hopefully towards some sort of enlightenment. I hope someone somewhere will relate to me, to what I have seen and in some way will know that someone else knows life doesn�t end here, spirits of our ancestors still remain. They can be a guidance to us or some spirit�s a bother, either way watch how you walk through this life because this essence of who we are remains and continues on to where, Heaven I hope.
All I know for sure is they are here listen up and perhaps you will hear them too.
Theresa F Koch"

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The Gift of Laughter
Book Description
This is a wondrous tale for young and old alike, and soon to be a true Christmas classic for many generations to come. Travel with Stashu the Mouse on his journey with the Magi to Bethlehem to see the newborn King in this beautiful Christian story to be read over and over. Soon to be a true Christmas classic for many generations to come.

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The Psychic Soul

Product Description

This book is a lovely woven poetic journey that will be enjoyed by young and old alike. With inspiration of spirit the author draws out on paper the feelings of emotion boiling up inside .

About the Author

" Theresa F. Jodray-Koch holds her Masters in the Science of Parapsychic Science. She is a freelance photographer and writer whose uninhibited work inspires people in all walks of life, including other photographers and artists, several of whom have publicly praised her work. Many of Theresa's poems have been published. Her poetry is admired for its spiritual beauty and its truthful expression of the poet's love for the Creation in northern Alaska. Theresa has written and has had published numerous articles on the paranormal as well as about actual Para psychic events, illustrated with her astonishing photos. She has also drawn on her personal experience with abuse and her care of the abused to write articles dealing with spousal, child, and animal abuse. " ...

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