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Theresa F Koch M.S.

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Musings for Children


My mother wrote and told stories about me and my siblings as children. This is a tradition I am proud to carry on for my children as well as my grandchildren. Love Theresa


Sammy Sat

Excerpt from Theresa's childrens book Twelve Tiny Tales.

Sammy sat sunning out under his
Favorite old tree, he tried to ignore
The leaves floating in the breeze.

Though his mother had warned him
That winter was soon, he would
Lay there and day dream till late afternoon.

The others all gathered nuts all through the day.
But Sammy didn’t want to he’d rather just play!
Pappy his grandpa said listen young man
Soon Old Man Winter will visit this land.

He’ll tuck in this country with a blanket of white, why
Even the lake will be covered with ice!
We store food to feast on while tucked in our
Home. It’s a tradition our family has always known.

Then you’ll wake in the spring to a beautiful sight
Your eyes fill with wonder all brilliant and bright.
God has stretched out his great hand and made all things new.
So gathering nuts is now what you must do.

Sammy looked at his pappy and jumped to his feet!
Pappy no more laziness now you will see,
I will gather more acorns then all of the others
While I’ll even help my little brother!

Pappy smiled at his grandson and they went to work!
They gathered more acorns they never did shirk.
And when Old Man Winters arrival had come
They were all tucked into their little squirrel home.


Beware Little Darlings!!!

Excerpt from Theresa's childrens book Twelve Tiny Tales


The Zombies are walking
All stairs they do creak!
Werewolves and the Wolf-man
Are ready to feast!

The Ghosts are all booing,
Vampires shine their teeth.
For tonight is the night
That not one of us sleeps!

Broomhilda the Witch has put
On her best hat, she's invited her
Best friend Slinky the cat!

Frankenstein is all charged up
And ready to go.
The full moon is beaming,
Ghouls lined up in a row!

The pumpkins are grinning,
Look at all those scare-crows.
The Boogie-man has already
Started picking his nose.

The creatures are cheering,
They've waited all year!
So beware little darlings
Cause Halloween is Here!




Snip-snap snapped the crowd
Then the lights went dim
Poet exits new poet begins

Snap-snap loudly heard
Then out went the lights
Next poet is heard oh very nice

Snap-snip out goes the lights
Out walks the gray man
His hat is worn so precise

A hush is heard across the floor
He talks of the delicate people
Snaps rush up in a cheering roar

Gray man walks with a limp
Off the dimming stage, next poet
Following would have to be brave

Snip-snip the snapping begins
Encore to call the gray poet
Who sings sadness back in

The snapping carries louder
Through out the smoke filled air
Calling him louder to recite to them there

Such is the life of the poet in gray
Encores of snapping
Ending his everyday

This tale of the gray man
Is now said and done
Telling his story sure has been fun

Snap- Snap snap-snap snap-snap
Snap-snap snap-snap snap-snap
Snap-snap snap-snap snap-snap
Snap- Snap snap-snap snap-snap

Photography & Writings Property of Theresa F Koch